Mrs Lilien Arbiter of the Elusive Ladylike Pleasures. Chief Ambassador of the Elevated Lifestyle.Bon Vivant of the Internet.

Mrs Kelley Lilien

is a graphic designer, influential tastemaker, and author of MRS. LILIEN'S COCKTAIL SWATCHBOOK. She is the creator of Mrs. Lilien, a multi-faceted, aspirational brand that extends across online, broadcast, and print media. Arbiter of the elusive ladylike pleasures, Mrs. Lilien celebrates the art of turning the mundane into the magnificent. The Mrs. Lilien blog delights a daily, dedicated readership with an elite and discerning eye who are devoted to the good life. Every aspect of the brand comes together to create a vibrant milieu that is carefully curated with an advantageous "Mrs." aesthetic in mind.

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