Mrs. Shape Shifter


Say hello to dear Mrs. Shape Shifter: she who dares to walk the lines of all things finely figured, colorful + splashy - always ultra confident in her ensemble pickings, which are ultimately + satisfyingly flashy. She brings together families of stripes, triangles + circles - unafraid of running into even the slightest of style hurdles. But most of all she advises ye readers: "Put your 'closet doubt' to bed!! Take the aforementioned style-vice to plunge your confidence way up overhead!"

Next time you roll/swing/lift those closet doors, dig into your inner Mrs. Shape Shifter + dare to explore!!!


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Awkward Pause...



So there you have it.... this is where I've been. Behind the scene, making MRS magic + whilst drinking my weight in GIN! So I beg you not to fret, or coax another worry wrinkle! For when the newly transformed MRS rises like a phoenix, she'll do so with an extra special twinkle. Sit tight, yet stay vigilant. For once we relaunch, this baby's gonna be down right MAGNIFICENT!




Where is MRS LILIEN???



Like a flash of lightning, the MRS has disappeared without a trace! She straight up went MIA as if she rocketed herself into outer space. Perhaps she's in an exotic + remote location - or even juicier... amidst a witness protection relocation?! No no no... that's far too crafted, a tad far flung and just a bit too sci-fi. My comforting guess is she's irresponsibly leisuring off duty in a remote location sans the proper wifi. What ever the case, you KNOW there'll be an epic story to follow. Lets keep our manicured fingers crossed that her fate won't result into a hard pill to swallow. We must, however, dig deep and grasp hold of our resolve. For our beloved MRS wouldn't dare leave us in the lurch, forced to question, agonize + starve. We've reason to believe she's diligently collaborating with the higher powers; the vibrations we're picking up are like that of intergalactic star showers! Secret intelligence aside, one thing remains allegiant and true - nary a pillar of her highly regarded stature would guide us a stew.

I urge you all to keep your eyes peeled and your ears piqued. For every lead reported guides us further away from succumbing to her ladyship's status becoming obsolete. Should you stumble upon a tip of her whereabouts, or even a hearsay of her status - please leave your comments below, and we'll have our dispatcher on duty reach out, her name is Gladys. 

In any case let's keep a strong willed assumption, that MRS LILIEN will rise like a reincarnated phoenix, and not succumb to our own dark thoughts of self destruction.

As mentioned before, Gladys will be your steadfast MRS correspondent - she'll be recording your input, fielding your questions and reporting them directly to our investigative MRS department. Stay tuned in while our search abides - For if we know anything of our MRS, it is that to each occasion, she will always rise.




Tropicals for Teenies


Toobydoo Surf Fins T-Shirt / J.Crew Oxford Swim Trunk / Roxy Sunset Once-Piece / SunnyLife Kids Beach Seat / SunnyLife Ice Cream Fan / SunBum Invisible Zinc / Ray-Ban Wayfarer Kids / Birkenstock Sandal Navy / Birkenstock Sandal Yellow / Mara Hoffman Girl's Cover-Up / SunnyLife Lennox Round Towel

Since the move(s) from CA --> HI --> GUAM, I've taken on the title of an all-encompassing island stylist who doubles as "mom".  Beyond building a trove of tropical year-round items for myself - it's been my pleasurable duty to get a warm-weather wardrobe on all 3 kids' shelves! I dig and I dig and I dig 'til I find what's just right - often resulting in pieces that are fun, boisterous + purposefully bright! For my boys I keep it simple but my girl is just like mom which, when shopping around, is kinda majorly BOMB (dot) COM!

Above is a smattering that only slightly delves in to the preferred picks therein. So if I may advise, take a look below. I'll include a (more) major breakdown of the items you simply MUST know >


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