Mod Chinoiserie



If there is one thing that can absolutely NOT hurt a room it's a little or BIG chinoiserie gem of the mid-mod variety. Be it brightly laqured, guilded with gold, or even better - BOTH, a chinoiserie peice can be the missing link to tying a whole environment together. This confident combination be it individually or all together betows a brazen attitude with modern sensibilites, a real recipe for visual sucess... don't you think?

1. Hong Kong Bird Cage 2. Pair of Porceline Chinoiserie Lamps 3. Chinoiserie Bed 4. Asian Dresser 5. Pair of Turquoise Foo Dogs 6. Chow Table  7. mod Chinese Chippendale standing cabinet 8. Maize Pillow 9. Pagoda Chandelier 10. Faux Bamboo Cabinet

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