Pills-Pills-Pills!!! Whether good for you or bad, these brightly colored beauties are at the top of my list! What's not to love about an audacious accessory?!? Pills are like candy - but with a purpose - and visually speaking they are magnificent. Once commonly referred to as 'mommy's little helpers,' too much of something [especially of the pharmaceutical variety] is obviously never a good thing! With that said, it doesn't mean we have to do away with capsule humor and related matter, does it? Let's hope not! Smart, witty and mysterious, just like your next door neighbor, these peculiar little pieces leave you guessing and wanting more... no?

1. Valley of The Dolls 2. Pill Pillow 3. Pill Princess 4. Doll Necklace 5. Pill Carafe 6. Nurse Jackie Wallpaper 7. 10 Milligram Bracelet 8. Dolls Canister

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