It's been said that the Hearth is the heart of a home - I like to think that ones bar is the heart of the home. I cast a strong vote in favor of cocktail-culture! In fact, one day I hope to live in a home with a dedicated bourbon room, and when the ladies come to lunch, we'll reconvene in said bourbon room for a game of stakes are high bingo, post lunch on the terrace. I say this in good humor of course - as always - however, I do love the idea of a well stocked and fashionably clad bar. It's how our grandparents welcomed guests into there homes, it's just plain classy. And, isn't everything always better when it's dripping with class? 

1. Sofia Coppola Champagne in a can 2. Vintage Bourbon Label 3. Vintage Decanter 4. Cranberry Kings Crown Goblets 5. Lucite Bar Tray 6. Faces Bar Tool Set 7. Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Party Guide 8. Horse Head Bottle Opener

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