If I could, I would : Magnificent Metallics



I have a child-like weakness for big shiny things. This is nothing new and in fact I've spent my lifetime either trying to pretend I'm not as obsessed as I really am, or hanging my head in shame for said raging obsession. For those that know me and love me, they have come to accept me for my weaknesses and love me just the same. Now, with that said, if it were up to me I'd bathe my surroundings in an outlandish display of metallic gold. I'd wear high heels everywhere [shiny ones,] drench myself in vintage designer resort wear and drip with costume jewelry [just for the fun of it] all while smoking cigarettes [but, that's for another time - seriously!] So here you have it, my 'If I could - I would' display of big shiny metallic things that make me really really happy.

1. Gold Stump Table 2. Metallic Derby Clutch 3. Carly Pumps 4. Crystal Supernova Bracelet 5. Elephant Lock 6. 24k Gold Lashes 7. Versailles Crown Vase 8. Italian Ribbon Mirror 9. Tarrytown Media Case 10. Metal Sea Urchin Art

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