I desperately hope I'm not alone in assuming that translucent trinkets are clearly compelling! In just the right light a clear-ish curio posses the ability to blind by way of blingy luster. Personally, I can't think of another way I'd prefer to be blinded than by said blingy luster. When contemplating clear, one must be mindful as to not override the power of cultivated crystal, and let's not leave out lucite, luscious lucite! Whether it's a spectacular pair of spectacles or a fabulous steuben crystal hand cooler [yes, HAND COOLER!!] there is just no other way to say it : CLEAR = COOL! 

1. Martin Frames 2. E27 Silicon Light 3. Facettes Ball Ring 4. Bunny Hand Cooler 5. Beaded Lucite Bracelet 6. Dartington Crystal Decanter


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