Cocktails! Cocktails! Cocktails!


It's no secret that the Mrs is somewhat of a cocktail covettress. After addressing my affinity for an appropriately stocked and fashionably clad bar, I thought I'd dive deeper in the kingdom of cocktail confabulation. My latest lust? Dolled up Drinks - adorned aperitifs, what ever you want to call them, a drink is a drink, but a well contrived and dressed up drink is a fabulous drink. I can hardly imagine even having to ask which one would prefer to partake in. Champagne with stripey straws? Yes, please! Scotch on the Scottie dog rocks? Absolutely! Gems in my Gin & Tonic? Precisely! Drab drinks are so easy to forge, but with just the right accouterments and nimble cocktail mixery a divine drink is totally doable. So, don't settle for a cherry - that just will not do, however, a glass filled with pumps to keep your Kettle One cool makes for a splendid milieu!

1. Cool Jewels Ice Cube Tray 2. Pythagore Champagne Saucer 3. Turbo Stirrers 4. Strip He Coasters 5. Tipsy Toes Ice Cube Set 6. Beaker Glass Pixie Cups 7. Scottie Dog Ice Cube Tray 8. Elsa Peretti Padova Bartending Spoon 9. Century Cocktail Shaker 10. Striped Paper Straws

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