Sunshine Daydream



There's nothing like a bright and cheery atmosphere to wisk away the winter woes. I find that when I'm surrounded with bright light and the like I can hardly even entertain a somber spirit. With the first official day of winter just days away - I thought I'd shed some light on brightening up the dreary doldrums that seem to go hand in hand with winter's arrival. Questioned constantly about the integrity of my 'sunny disposition' [it's real I tell you and possibly enhanced with a cocktail or two!] I consider myself somewhat of a 'Lighten-up-Lucy' ... a mirthful matriarch of sorts. My recipe to deter the drearies is as follows : light [lots of it!], brightly colored and happy hued home accessories, a fun and flashy frock [or two] and a handful of jovial jewels with a jubilant jar to store them in! If all else fails there's always vodka, with a recommended splash of lemon!


1. Lemon Pillow 2. Tutti Fruitti Maryanne 3. Yellow Metal Pendant 4. Stripes Cup + Saucer 5. Remy Chair 6. Orange One Shoulder Frock 7. Yellow Moroccan Pouf 8. Yellow Crinkle Chiffon Layer Dress 9. Amber Glass Jar 10. Orange Arches Pillow 11. Coral Droplet Earings 12. Florence Broadhurst Wallpaper

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