A lady must never under estimate the power of the bow! There's just something about a good bow that screams class. A bold bow is the perfect combination of guts and grace, and by no means gauche - I like that! Whether perfectly accessorized for a high tea or off to a do-gooder's benefit, a fabulous bow can categorically commandeer one's costume. Whether naughty or nice, bedecking with bows automatically gives you good PR! When you look like a well wrapped gift, how can you go wrong?!

1. Plaza Bow Pouch 2. J Bando 3. I Bando 4. Bow Pendant 5. Tea Party Bow 6. Bow Hair Pin 7. Bow Couture Pump 8. Deep Blue Scene 9. Bow Dress 10. Radcliffe Yard Joanie Sweater 11. Bow Clutch

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