One might question the integrity of such a post coming from a lady known for her valiant use of bold and bright color. On the contrary, BLACK it is quite brazen and certainly commanding - two things in which constitute a pleasantly pleased Mrs Lilien. Am I wrong in assuming that there is a vivacious vixen or a dark diva hiding inside each and every one us? I do hope NOT! Maybe not all once, but pieced together just so, these mighty and majestic morsels just might be the 'slap your mother' statement that cracks one's conundrum!

1. Rock Star Rebel Necklace 2. Love Jar 3. Haze Dove Pillow 4. Gumdrop Studs 5. Black Ruffle Tunic 6. Butterfly Sunglasses 7. Sequin Frock 8. Sierra Boot 9. Wrap Coat

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