Cha-Cha [hoo]RAH!


I feel like dancing - like kicking my heels up... doing the cha-cha! Good tidings and tidbits have been falling from the sky lately... sunny with the chance of fabulous!! It's tasty treats such as this and this and this that make me clap with delight, run to the closet, pull out a fancy frock, slip into some sparkling stilettos and take a whirl or two around the room. Excitement absolutely thrills this Mrs and only adds to the luster and levity that fuels her fabulous fire. It is with a glass of bubbly [or three] that I toast to good things and break out in a frock fancied frolic.


Mrs. Lilien

1. Veuve Clicquot 2. You Dazzle Me Esti Dress 3. Glitter Pumps 4. The Cha-Cha [via Kate Spade] 5. Inside Out Champagne Glass

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