Sleep Aids


If there is one thing a Mrs must never under estimate, it's the power of beauty sleep! A Mrs is no good to anyone - not even herself - if without her proper rest and relaxation. Settling down after a long day should result in night caps and night creams whilst robe and slipper clad.  Always bed bound bedecked in her finest sleeping attire - a Mrs does her best dreaming when she's dazzling between the sheets. Snuggled soundly in a supreme sleep sanctuary, well equipped with plump pillows and succulent sheets, the Sandman is sure to deliver a snoozy Mrs her dream!

1. La Prairie Cellular Radiance 2. Holly Go Nightly Sleep Mask 3. Silk Robe 4. Reyka Vodka  5. Rubie Green Sheets 6. Wobble Glasses 7. Pom Pom Slippers 

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