Show Stopping Chanel



We all need a little Chanel in our lives... and if at present you are in doubt, well then, make room baby because you mustn't go with out - no doubt! Whilst off on the latest styling house shoot, the Mrs and crew had the absolute pleasure of sprinkling some show stopping Chanel sweetness upon the set [Thank You, Mrs. Foster!] With the stage glittering in gorgeous goodies, this Mrs glimmered with glee as the photographer snapped on. So, whether a tiny trinket, bewildering bag or a noble bath in No. 5, do your best to get you some because a little Chanel beckons pure bliss - something not to be missed!

1. Mrs. Lily 2. Chanel No. 5 3. CC Earings 4. Half Tint Sunglasses 5. Black + White Pumps 6. Mrs. Lily 7. Fire Lipstick

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