It's Christmas, Baby!


Presents and goodies and everything fine - baby, it's holiday time! Pull out your festive best, you know the good stuff... a merry Mrs wouldn't be caught dead with anything less than her fabulous and festive best. It's the season of wishing and wanting why not dazzle and be daunting! From noshes to lip glosses the time has come to whip out the big guns and let them shine in the glow of holiday hooray! Be it what it may, a debonair smoke with your sparkling spirit wouldn't be entirely senseless because a Mrs who's red lipped and jolly is perfectly permitted to be nice and a just a little bit naughty! While the merry bells keep ringing [silent nights are overrated!] may your every wish come true... A Magnificent Merry from this Mrs to you!!!

1. Toffee Taboo Holiday Tree 2. Beaute Strass Pumps 3. Simply Red Lipstick 4. Debonair Cigars 5. Cabot Cheese + Nosh Collection 6. Catherine Malandrino Cointreau 7. Sip Of Gold Tumblers

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