Circus Chic



This Mrs is big top chic and ultra sleek. She's always brightly colored, usually quite flashy - and she's not opposed to a little moustachey. She commandeers compliments with her orange lipstick - looking twice as nice in a lovely diptych. This Mrs loves to play and is super saucy - she'll clean your clock at a game of ringtossy. She's funny, she's friendly she always draws a crowd - she's circus chic and pretty darn proud!

1. Scallop Trim Coat 2. Fabric Bow Necklace 3. Moustache Tee 4. Pocket Watch 5. Bright Spot Idiom Bangle 6. Side Swept Pumps 7. Panier Clutch 8. No. 2 Orange Magic Lipstick

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