Sailor's Delight


Ships Ahoy! This Mrs is both charismatic and coy. She'll blow you a kiss and woo you with her lashes so blinky - you'll pick her up dockside, hold out your hand, and give her a winky! You'll be gleeful and delighted this Mrs is on board - especially after you taste the drinks she just poured. You never knew the fun you could have on the boat - until you tried her scotchy malt float! It'll be a fabulous day out on the yacht, and even better with the Mrs you just caught!

1. Hello Sailor Mini Dress 2. Layered Ball & Chain Necklace 3. Read Between The Lines Idiom Bangle 4. Chloe Myrte Sunglasses 5. Patent Stripe Tote 6. Rolando 120 Patent Pumps 7. Fifi Chachnil Sailor Knickers 8. Striped Floppy Sun Hat

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