Mrs. of Leisure


A Mrs of Leisure is nothing more than a proper pleasure seeker. She bedecks and bejewels all the same - although she forgoes uncomfortability because it's lame. She drinks as she reads and reads as she drinks - she's so leisurely indulgent, don't you thinks? She takes her time and lounges as she pleases - she might even call you up to shoot the breezes. She'll meet you out for a late lunch - laugh the whole time and not stress once. This leisurely Mrs has but not a care - she's the perfect breath of relaxy fresh air! 

1. Chunky-Knit Cropped Cardigan 2. Scarlet Sunglasses 3. Champagne Cluster Earrings 4. Gold Coast Maryanne 5. Crystal Embellished Flats 6. The Italian Touch 7. Orgiastic Carafe 8. Rhinestone Shimmer Liquid Liner 9. Lip Balm 10. Nest Chair

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