Under Wonder


If there's one thing a Mrs can never have too much of, it's under wonder! With Valentines day fast approaching - we thought this was a topic well worth broaching! Every Mrs knows that her underthings should be show stopping wonderthings - three cheers for satiny bows and bras with blings! A little something saucy a Mrs must always keep - so that on a whim she can pull off bedroom-chic. Properly laundered and preferably in the sinky - is how a Mrs keeps her wonder all magnificent and minxy. Frilly feminine and ferociously fancy - the perfect prop for a special boudoir dancy!


1. Blossom Sequined Bra 2. Stripe-After-Stripe Cami + Hipster 3. Ava Bra 4. Wisp-Of-Silk Underpinnings + Bloomers 5. Ruffle Bolero Bed Jacket + Shorts 6. Delirious French Briefs 7. Touch Laundry Delicate 8. Silk-Satin + Lace Shorts

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