Mrs. Do Good


When duty calls and the proverbial sky falls - for this Mrs, no task is too smalls or talls! She's there to lend a hand and to help where she can - she's there at the ready and she's got a grand plan. She's taking to the phone and gathering the gals - she's even extending the invite to her best guy pals. She's hosting a grand dinner party at $eighty per platey - and donating all the proceeds to help our friends in Haiti! Not only is she loads of fun - she won't shy away and knows how to get er' done!

1. Vitello Shine Tote 2. Cornelia Street Noel Neda 3. Fab Desk Pen 4. Vintage Telephone 5. Short Cut Placemat6. Carnival Stripe Cocktail Napkin 7. Crane Place Cards

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