Flower Shower


With spring approaching, you know you wanna - shower yourself with flora n' fauna! That's exactly what this Mrs does... although not necessarily in spring, but just because! She's a site to be seen all abundant and florally - you'll love her at once because she's so sweet and morally. She's the perfect Mrs to call when your feeling gloomy - it's impossible to be moody when she's all happy and bloomy! She's a rather special fair flower friendy - treats are always on her because she loves to $pendy! Take a cue from her and drench yourself in flowers - you'll be wickedly chic come April showers!

1. Dahlia Printed Silk Dress 2. My Own Personal Fabulousness Necklace 3. Say It With Roses Floral Stud 4. Oops A Daisy Ring 5. Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses 6. Kellis Pumps 7. Gloss Delectation - Pomagranate Flash 8. Pompom PM Cabas Tote

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