Poolside Perfection


There's no place like poolside - there's no place like poolside - there's no place like poolside. This Mrs loves to cool out poolside - be it stateside or worldwide - it' leaves her bronzed, blissed and starry-eyed! She packs her back chock full of goodies - and always has something fabulous on her footsies. This poolside princess knows how to bask and bronze, but never too long - who wants to look like a python?! She stays out for only a couple, slathering on the spf to keep her skin sweet and supple. She'll have her nose buried in a fabulous read - and will toss back the cocktails as she prefers a liquid feed. She's that bathing beauty all the boys dote upon - and she deserves it, she's a poolside glamazon!

1. Cassiopee Oversized Sunglasses 2. Pucci Suit 3. Hollywood Sunhat 4. Sequined Beach Tote 5. Amethyst Bauble 6. Rapalloca Flats 7. Pina Colada 8. Gecko Magnifying Glass 9. SPF 55 Tanning Towlettes 10. Lessons Of A Lipstick Queen Book 11. Mimi & Roger Gold Gloss

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