Trophy Mrs.


Everybody's seen one, and well - if you haven't yet - let me introduce you to a Trophy Mrs you'll never forget. She's tall and flashy, usually quite blingy - she's that Mrs to which all the Misters would love a flingy. She keeps keys to the best spots in town - and if you're lucky, she just might invite you to c'mon down! She looks good and she knows it - she's a Trophy Mrs and she's not afraid to shows it! With pumps up to there and such lustrous locks of hair - when you see her its so hard not to stare! She's that Mrs who has her own theme song - and once you meet her [just wait!] you'll join right in and sing along!

1. Faux Fur Bolero 2. Skeleton Key Ribbon Necklace 3. LV Gold Miroir Bag 4. Patent Heart Peep Toe Pumps 5. Galaxy Swirl Glitz Ring 6. Hollywood Mirror 7. Stop + Stare Nail Color 8. Golden Locks Hair Brush 9. Ceramic Trophy 10. Smokey Layers False Eyelashes 11. Lust Lip Stain

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