A stripey Mrs is so undeniably fun - she dresses and decors with reckless stripey abandon! She takes her stripes pretty darn serious - she's a whirlwind of color all stripey and delirious. She covets her stripes and embraces Sing Sing chic - her style is certainly not for the shy or for the meek! She'll blend right in at the circus, you might even loose her - but if you do - just laugh it off as you excuse her. A stripey disposition is all she really knows - and its shines through her wardrobe that she so boldly bestows. You never know what she's got up her sleeve - but you can count on it being STRIPEtastic, this you can believe! 

1. Killah Striped Swing Coat 2. Jubilee Stripe Drawstring Opus 3. Gold Stripe Superstars 4. Capuchine Water Tower 5. Dolls Canister 6. Stripe Bangle 7. Funkster Oddsocks 8. Yellow Striped Pillow 9. Striped Umbrella 10. Fruit Stripe Gum 11. Horizontal Roller Pen 12. Centennial Stripe Jewelry Roll


Fashion, Interiors
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