Mrs. Frost


Oh dear Mrs. Frost, she's a Mrs of impeccable taste - if you haven't noticed that yet, then you will soon perhaps even post haste! Although she may appear quite icey, on the contrary she's actually uber nicey. She sparkles from head to toe giving off a glorious glisten - when she talks heads turn and everyone turns an ear to listen. She appreciates the good life and is rather quite indulgent - she'll always tell you where to find it as she's pretty darn divulgent. She prefers shiny things and just about anything that's frosted - ask her about her vintage coup and you'll be shocked at how much it costed! She's one seriously frosty lady on a doubly delightful frosty cruisadey - and if I say so myself she's got it madey in the shady!

1. Double Breasted Trench Coat 2. Crystal + Blue Topaz Earrings 3. Metallic Tube Clutch 4. Encased Sunglasses 5. Broome Street Metallic Bow Gloves 6. Champagne Goblet 7. Champagne Straws 8. Metallic Rosette Peep Toe Pumps 9. Sin Eyeshadow 10. Silver Glitter Spray 11. 1948 Porsche 365 Coupe

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