Loud n' Proud


It's a new year, dollies... so, this Mrs is going big and embracing her follies! Dull n' drab? No - never again!! Rather, Loud n' Proud and why not? It's twenty-ten!! Therefore, it is with pride and prowess that I debut this dazzling duchess : gold whenever possible, HUEtastic when probable, charming from head to heel and every kind of unstoppable! Always spartan and witty, inspired and delighty... a twenty-ten Mrs I'm certain you'll quite likey!

1. Jasmine Necklace 2. Hue 3. Greissimo Pumps 4. Illamasqua in Wayward 5. Watch Hill Maryanne 6. MJ Round Frame Sunglasses 7. Python Card Holder 8. La Mer Cocktail Ring Watch 9. Stella McCartney Stripey Flower Dress

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