A Business Mrs.



Every now and then duty calls and this Mrs must head out and conduct her some business. She'll arrive astutely on time - this business Mrs won't owe you a dime. She's stealth and rather fleeting and she likes to lunch during her business meeting. She's a Mrs who devotes to taking perfect notes - she fields questions and partakes in group votes. She'll even lend you her pretty pen or pencil - heck, her bag is filled with all sorts of utensils! If it is business with this Mrs you must conduct - why, chip-cherrio your day is looking up!

1. Boerum Hill Geraldine 2. Kellie Too Pumps 3. Foxglove Dress 4. No. 2 Retractable Pen 5. Jaden Black Crystal Frames 6. Webster's Fashion Color Thesaurus 7. Sarah Pinto Notebook 8. Tarrytown Baby Nikolette 9. Black Crayon Retractable Pen 10. Solid Gold iPhone Case

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