Candyland Cutie


This Mrs is sticky sweet - a true candyland cutie, she's fancy yet fun and all tooty fruity. A gumdrop goddess is she, candy coated and colorful - a magnificent site to see! Her world is an explosion of color, you'd be hard pressed to see her in anything duller! Her sensibilities are light and quite lollipoppy - her wardrobe bright and cheery, never sloppy! Her laughter is lucid - hardly automatic, she's genuinely gleeful and so candy chromatic. She's pretty fun and ridiculously sweet - she's a Mrs you must certainly meet.

1. Wellie Magee Bag 2. Party In Pink Necklace 3. Mrs. Lloyd 4. Mosaic Arm Sunglasses 5. Candy Stripe Bangle 6. Bianca Slingback Platform Pumps 7. Stipes Tray 8. Bolle Vases 9. Double Concentric Pillow


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