Behold the BOOTIE, a perfect mix between boot and pump - now that's a combination that's hard to trump! Confident, stealth and undeniably sexy - the bootie wearer prefers shoes that are thoughtful and complexy. It's certainly not a style for the shy and bashful - especially since all the good ones will run you a hefty cash-full! Whether the bootie rocks a prominent wedge or perhaps has a heel as sharp as a dagger - there's no denying that the bootie wearer struts with a certain kind of swagger. According to my Mrs. assessment - the bootie is a rather sound investment - any way you slice it, dice it and digest it!


1. Givenchy Bootie 2. Alperlai Bootie 3. Balmain Bootie 4. Toundra Bootie 5. Louboutin Bootie 6. Mulberry Bootie 7. Miu Miu Bootie 8. Glitter Bootie

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