Put Leisure First...


All work and no play - makes for a Mrs. filled with much dismay! For, a life sans leisure - truly is a life sans pleasure! She's no lackadaisical laze-about, this goes without saying - however she treats herself to daily 'her' time for kicking her heels up and playing. Nary a day should pass without a little leisurely frolicking - and should perhaps include some sort of skipping, twirling and galloping. A happily leisured Mrs. - has no qualm carrying out the tasks she otherwise disses. When leisure is put first - it quenches her jolly-spirited thirst - resulting in a Mrs. so indulgently amused she could burst! 

model / styling assistant Ms. Triglia / Photographed by the illustrious Jen Siska!

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013