Accessorize With Abandon...


There isn't a Mrs. I don't know that doesn't have her own little pile of bling-y loot - you know, baubles and gems and buttery accessories for every kind of occasion to boot! Usually she tucks them away saving them for special occasion - however these goodies must be exercised and thus is the topic of my persuasion! Accessorize with abandon, throw all cautionary bauble rules to the winds - being bold in your bauble persuits is where being a true Mrs. begins! Don't be shy go on and pile it on high, the more the magnificent - after all, appropriately accessorized Mrs.'s are always the most significant! In celebration of bling management Elva Fields has goodies waiting for you - so skip on over, you know what to do! Her hosted offer is good until Monday - so get in while the getting is good and great scott, don't delay!
Photographed by the illustrious Jen Siska!
©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013