Pressing On... InStyle Magazine + Mr. Adler


It's no deep dark secret the ferocious adoration I have for Mr. Adler and his non-stop brilliance - it seems everything he touches turns to glittering gold magnificence! Not only that, but this Mister is one of the kindest and sincerest - funniest and dearest - ridiculously generous and without a doubt one of the fiercest!! His endless support and encouragement has meant the world - and when I saw this spread in this month's InStyle, I whirled and twirled! You'll find it on page 248, in the Best of The Web / Home section - in the long blue box, it's utter perfection! A shout out on this level...??? Mr. Adler!... you little devil!! I'm absolutely frothing with excited delight - thank you for deeming The Mrs. Lilien Blog one of your favorite websites, I'm beyond honored alright!!


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