On A Mrs. Top Shelf


What, pray tell, sits on a Mrs. top shelf? Opulent items displaying filthy wealth...? Perhaps gold gilded statuettes of the Mrs. herself...? Have you ever pondered such notion? Let me explain, and put this 'top shelf' ball in motion. Every Mrs. has one, a top shelf this is - she may display it proudly, or perhaps it's private, regardless it's absolutely Mrs. definitive! A top shelf may house her coveted trinkets - and without a doubt expensive vessels containing lifelong secrets. Her shelf might be small, or contrarily expansive - regardless it's size it's unquestionably heroic and undeniably persuasive! It may be lined with gewgaws so old - and without fail it posses countless stories untold. Perhaps it's a single worldly treasure - or a favorite book collection that she loves without measure - needless to say these are items that bring her endless pleasure. So there you have it, the Mrs top shelf defined - an examination of object + objective, both cherished and refined!

1. Dolls Canister 2. Hand Painted Staffordshire Dogs 3. Special Edition Fitzgerald Books 4. Versailles Fluo Urn

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013