Mrs. Coffee


There's just nothing quite more important than one's morning cup of coffee - I shouldn't have to ask, but... don't you agree?! Like a good cocktail, Mrs. coffee must be made with precision - from the roast to the grind and even the proper cup requires a thoughtful decision. Let's face it, coffee always tastes it's best - when sipped from a cup with a gold crest - an item I strongly suggest that you invest!! There is no sense in drinking coffee without a little cream - for coffee sans the cream is pure blaspheme! Not to be overlooked is the proper coffee stirrer, preferably something substantial - a regal instrument in which to stir ones cup is certainly essential! On special occasion, it's nice to enjoy a sugar or two - it can be a welcomed treat to your staunch brew. I'm a firm believer in the 'hair of the dog' - after a night of over-indulgence, a little splash of something naughty can really clear up the fog! So there you have it, the ins and outs of Mrs. coffee musts - and if you've learned anything, it's Mrs. Coffee or bust!!

1. Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine 2. Buckingham Palace Spoon 3. Spilled Gold Cups + Saucers 4. Joy Jar 5. Eye Winker Covered Sugar 6. Sugar Cubes 7. Gold Milk Jug 8. Grand Marnier

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