Mrs. Perfection



It goes without question that she's a sugary confection - she's painfully ladylike, she's Mrs. Perfection! Always done up to the nines - unapologetic for her tiny waistline - not to mention a knower and lover of all things uber refined! She's a classic beauty - usually perceived as slightly snooty - contrarily, she's a cordial cutie who's quite tooty-fruity - but she shouldn't be judged because, let's face it, that's her duty! You can't help but hopelessly love her - she's a Mrs. who's truly like no other - the kind that would unintentionally instigate the feistiest fisticuffer - you'll know exactly what I mean, because once you meet her you will not recover! She needs not one correction - why, she's Mrs. Perfection!

1. Mrs. Perfection 2. Metropolitan Pearl Studs 3. Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick - 13 4. Marabou Wrap 5. Beauty Is Life, Midnight Lashes

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