Toques, domes and cloches, oh my - the mere sight of these and I give off a big, smiling breathy sigh! It would bring me endless pleasure to don something so invariably audacious - paired with a cape or perhaps a tailored ladies overcoat, why I'd look simply vivacious! Like a glove, a ladies hat can really make the Mrs. - perched like a crown that not only wholly encompasses - but serves like the cherry on top that fashionably finishes. A perfect hat can be so painfully ladylike - and go so far as to become one's ensemble highlight! There's certainly no denying that statement hats are utter perfection - it's no wonder they've become a coveted object of my affection!

1. 1960's Nina Ricci Toque 2. 1960's Faux Fur Hat 3. Mr. John 60's Mod Hat 4. 1960's Fur Felt Dome Hat 5. Halston of Bergdorf Goodman Feather Wig Hat 6. Red Cardinal Feather Hat

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