Mrs. Hostess



There's truly nothing like an impromptu cocktail party amongst good friends - especially when the hostess promises goodies and can wildly bartend! Such intimate gatherings can be pulled off rather easily - with a smattering of the old standbys it can be done quite regally. It's customary to serve a set cocktail for the ladies and another for the gents - and you can dress your drinks appropriately with the proper bar accoutrements. What's a cocktail party without a nosh...? A sure fire way for your guests to get sloshed, oh my gosh! Serve something substantial and yummy alongside your swill - that way everyone can get their fill and avoid the shameful boozy spill! There you have it the secrets behind every successful hostess - otherwise known as a social toastmistress!

1. The Printery Note Cards 2. Mrs. Hostess 3. Corsair Gin 4. Thirsty Gold Cup 5. Personalized Cocktail Swizzlers 6. 1960's Globemaster Soda Syphon 7. Vintage Fondue Pot

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