Just Glovely


While winter is now only a mere whisper away - I've been brooding over luxurious lady gloves well suited for holiday. Long and glamorous - perhaps short and festooned - nary a pair crosses my nose without becoming swoonishly consumed. I'm not sure there is anything more prestigiously bewitching - glamorously avant-garde and ensemble-commandeering! Regardless the style, it's best to choose a pair that you loves - it is without doubt you'll knock 'em dead in a pair of lady gloves!

1. Vintage Pierrot Gloves 2. Rick Owens, Fox Ring Gloves 3. Ann Demeulemeester, Red Leather Gloves 4. Agnelle Leopard Gloves 5. J.Crew, Jeweled Cuff Gloves 6. J.Crew, Long Leather Zip Gloves

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