The Mrs. Holiday Gift Advisory : Stocking Stuffers



Why, it is amidst pure holiday thrill coupled with unapologetic gluttony - that I unleash upon thee The Extraordinarily Advantageous Mrs. Holiday Gift Advisory. Hold onto your hats - and perhaps even those beloved glittery flats - as I dole out a weeks worth of holiday goodies at thats! Each day a new theme paraded in perfect Mrs. brilliance - a smattering of high and low gifties dripping with exquisite Mrs. eloquence. Today it is the little treasures also known as stocking stuffers - by way of iphone covers, glamorous glovers, amongst many others - the perfect little tid bit for the Mrs. Mother or perhaps even the Mrs. Lover! It's the little things that make us sing - like that of a pair of blingy earrings - tucked away inside a stocking! Let the fun begin, go fill up those stockings - after all it's cyber Monday... Happy Shoppings!!

1. Moschino Gloves 2. Jet Set Coasters 3. Bar Of Gold Doorstop 4. Gypsy Water Parfum 5. Vintage Diamond Satellite Clip-on Earrings 6. Tom Ford Nikita Sunglasses 7. DVF iPhone Case 8. Westie Dog Scented Soap

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