The Mrs. Shoppe!!


It is with pure delight that I bestow the Mrs. Shoppe upon thee! What, pray tell, is this you ask? Why, it’s a cleverly curated shoppe for prudently selected products to bask. The Mrs. shoppe is a neat and tidy ten-product-at-a-time concession - stocked with Mrs. must-haves, curiosities + obsessions - that changes every 2 month session. A vital online resource for the Mrs. shoppe shopper, an aspirant of opulence - who believes in the good life and in making fabulous investments! As the proprietor of this shop, I must confess - these shelves will be rich in goodies with which I'm dangerously obsessed! Product selection is by invitation only - must fit the Mrs. mold, yield an elite status and be things of utter beauty. A brilliantly brilliant place to be - when the doors open in a few weeks, I'm certain you'll agree!

Don't let your curiosity kill the cat - contact the proprietress with questions + curiosities at that!



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