Mrs. Scorpio


Ah yes, the illustrious Mrs. Scorpio - a most powerful tour de force within the zodiac portfolio. A doubly dynamic Mrs is she - spilling over with excitement and magnetism, oh just wait and see! She posses a remarkable energy, a real go-getter - thanks to her mighty passionate ways she's totally red-letter! In desperate times she can become overly obsessive, determined and competitive - but always with the best intentions as she's notably intuitive. She's determined as all get out, that's no doubt - but she must be careful not to let her red hot jealousy hang out! Aside from being ferocious and fiery - she keeps a daily scheduling diary - to keep all her endeavors organized entirely! She steadfastly keeps her eyes on the prize - and she'll keep on keeping on until her dreams materialize. She's a lover of the good life and all things fine - she just might be the best Mrs. in which to split a bottle of good wine! In the end she's an amazing friend, who's certainly enthusiastic - She's Mrs. Scorpio and she's undeniably fantastic!

1. Jeweled Chiffon Gown 2. Van Cleef & Arpels, Gold Floral Earclips 3. Date Night Ring 4. Scorpion Brooch 5. Lalique Wine Glasses 6. Nars, Velvet Matte Lip Crayon, Cruella 7. 2006 Arsene 8. Smythson, Royal Court Red Diary 9. Ostrich Pen 10. Platner Lounge Chair

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