Mrs. Sunday


Oh Mrs. Sunday, she lives for her weekend downtime - according to her, lousing about the whole day long is no murderous crime! She takes her leisure rather seriously - partaking in unfettered liberties and doing so quite imperiously! During the week she'll collect a stack of salivatingly delicious reads - which usually includes something naughty that indulgently delights and intrigues!! She'll post up in bed the whole day through - staunchly subscribe the the all-day jammy hullabaloo - achieving productive unproductiveness is just what she plans to do. She's regarded as an esteemed dilatory influence - invariably coercing others to set forth in the same relaxed continuance - resulting in serious efficiency fraudulence! However all good things come to an end, even for Mrs. Sunday - without fail you'll here her exclaim "Heavens to Betsy!, it's Monday!!"

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