Anthology Magazine


What has truly been many months in the making - the arrival of the Anthology Magazine, an artfully distinguished undertaking - is now here and on stands for the taking! I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with some of the fiercest talent - styling environments that were hands-down brilliant - traveling to corners of the country that I otherwise wouldn't - and best of all bestowed the honor of working on something ridiculously magnificent! It is with loads of excitement and a little pride - that I share a tasty little peek inside - a few of the places I worked on during my Anthology joyride. There is plenty more where this came from, I do profess - you wouldn't expect anything less - for, all things contrived from the illustrious minds of Mrs. Le + Mrs. Ilasco are slated for sure fire success!

Styling by yours truly and Images by Laure Joliet and Jen Siska

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013