Mrs. Sagittarius


Not only is she glorious and utterly victorious - she magnificently multifarious, she's Mrs. Sagittarius. She beams with natural excitement and oozes with enthusiasm - it's her exuberantly boisterous disposition that delightfully seasons her optimism. She's honest and straightforward and fiercely philosophical - her independent spirit and fear of restriction is virtually unstoppable. She's fun-loving, jovial and shamelessly good-humored - although sometimes irresponsible and careless, so it's been rumored. She's playfully promiscuous and a tad bit racy - adores pretty underpinnings that are lovely and lacy - and usually has them on, you know, just in casey! She lives to watch her decisions bear fruit - after all, meeting intellectual demands is an absolute! She lives for life's adventures - sees them as soul quenchers - feeding her spirit is hands-down one of her ultimate pleasures!! She's larger than life and gargantuanly gregarious - there she is in a nut shell, the spectacular Mrs. Sagittarius!

1. Vionnet Crepe Gown 2. Kurt Wane, Gold + Blue Topaz Clip-ons 3. Jimmy Choo, Glittering Tube Clutch 4. Damaris, Desire Du Nuit Lace Underpinnings 5. Jimmy Choo, Crown Lizard Peep Toe Pumps 6. Islands : 100 Ultimate Escapes 7. iPhone 4 8. Minox DCC Leica M3 Gold Camera9. Navy Croc Passport Cover 10. 1950's Velvet Pouf

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