A Mrs. Holiday Table Setting


There's a time and place for all things proper and the Mrs. holiday table is no exception - teeming with sterling, fine china, these are just a few key elements to table setting perfection. By adding a just kiss of irreverant flair - you can take your table from stodgy to dashingly debonair. At a 45 degree angle off the tip of the dinner knife - instead of the water glass, now sits some fancy sparklers booming with spirited blithe! A sterling place setting can accommodate a few new inventive utensils - such as a champagne stirrer and tube of lipstick, you know, table side essentials! Who needs water when you've can enjoy a cocktail? Why not bypass that glass all together and let the booze prevail! I'm certain your guest will overwhelmingly admire - and quite possibly delight their inner oenophile - with glasses bestowing the only kind of libation that's worth their while! And if they're all drinking there's a good chance they'll be smokin' - you might as well accommodate their naughtiness with a conspicuous silver ash catching token. Lastly, and certainly not leastly, I share with you my Mrs. table side musts - fancy monogrammed dinner napkins and individual salt and peppers or BUSTS! So there you have it,  use it or ad-lib it - this updated Mrs. holiday table setting is sure to become an annual habit!


Sterling Flatware / Lipstick / Champagne Stirrer / Dinner Plate / Napkin / Ashtray / Earrings / Rocks Glass / Red Wine Glass / Champagne Saucer / Bread & Butter Plate / Butter Knife / Salt & Peppers

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