Mrs. Naughty & Nice


Like fine champagne on ice - abounding with risqué spice - eloquently exemplifies Mrs. Naughty & Nice. She's spilling over with an angelic glow - although behind closed doors she's pretty ferocious, I'll have you know! Underneath her glittering facade, she's said to be merciless in the boudoir - but she's sneaky about it, and when confronted will blush and exclaim 'Oh, Pshaw!' She's a party all the time, always festive and merry - she lives for all things carnivalesque and extraordinary. Her personage is her temple, and just for example - she pampers herself with nothing but the finest and considers it inconsequential. If you're ever presented with the rare opportunity, you should certainly ask her - what her little secrets are to being a naughty & Nice master - she might reference her marabou cuffs and give you the name of her coveted waxer! I can't imagine she'd be anything but nice as nice can be - despite being a little shy she's shamelessly randy - and I'm sure she'd divulge rather ladylike and politely. If you happen to run into her, you must tell her I said "hi" - she owes me a phone call, and yes, she knows why!

1. Alberta Ferretti, Feather Cape 2. Laura Geller, Baked Body Frosting 3. Charlotte Olimpia, Paloma Satin Pumps 4. Phillip Lim, Embellished Bra + Knicker 5. Erickson Beamon, Chandelier Earrings 6. Marabou Cuffs 7. Rachel Gilbert, Giselle Degrade Sequined Gown 8. Vintage French Art Deco Crystal Globe Pendant 9. Moet Chandon Rose Imperial 10. Gold Spiral Champagne Saucer 11. Byredo, Rose Noir Body Wash

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