Mrs. Holiday Gift Advisory : Mrs. Cocktail Enthusiast



Okay, so she likes her drinks - it's just what she fancies despite what anybody thinks. To her credit she can mix a pretty fierce cocktail - she's a wizardess of the elixirs, composing liquid miracles without fail! She's absolutely treasures her bar accoutrements - her collection is a thing of splendor and brilliance - what else would you expect from a Mrs. Cocktail Enthusiast?!?! She'd probably flip for this polar bear shaker - it's by far the prettiest cocktail maker! You could stop her heart with this set of jewel like decanters - I can almost here her uproarious praise and endless banter - about how lovely they are and that there's nothing grander! Now, perhaps it's a little presumptuous - and forgive me for being slightly gumptionless... But, if she's a drinker she's probably pretty ferocious at poker, and behind every good player is a staunch closet smoker! With that said you wouldn't be too off base - with gifting her a gorgeous deck of cards and sterling cigarette case! Weather you dazzle her with a set of vintage swizzling sticks - or perhaps a set of saucers for which she can sip and swish - anything from this advisory is sure to grant her cocktail loving holiday wish!

1. Polar Bear Cocktail Shaker 2. Lanvin Playing Cards 3. Vintage Decanters 4. Platinum Rimmed Saucer 5. 1950's French Cocktail Swizzle Sticks 6. Brass Chalice Ice Bucket 7. Sterling Cigarette Case

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