'Twas The Monday Before Christmas...


'Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the manse - nary a Mrs. was sober nestling bottomless eggnogs in her hands. Every corner and cranny was bedecked with festive care - in anticipation of holiday guests soon shimmying there. The fire was crackling to the Mrs.'s thrilling delight - while visions of holiday bling clouded her sight. Whilst blithely perched upon her mister's lap - both Mr. and Mrs. had settled down to enjoy a stiff holiday nightcap. When out of the blue a mysterious box right then appeared - it was large and in charge and addressed "To: My Sweet Dear." With a sparkle in her eye, and a perfectly breathy Mrs. gasp - she lept from his lap and scooped the box up in a flash. She gave it a shake, by golly it was surely substantial - she gave him a glance, to which he dotingly replied "open it, my darling damsel." So she tore open the paper, carefully removing the sash - opened the box and this time uttered a fervent gasp! When what to her wondering eyes should appear - but a floor length fur coat so luxurious and premier! Just like a gentlemen he helped her with her new coat - as he whispered softly in her ear, and I quote... 'A little holiday sugar for my sweet lovely Mrs.' -and thus she twirled around and drenched him in kisses. His cheeks were like roses, his lips smeared with cherry - besotted with his Mrs. and her affection so merry. She was all agog with this Monday before - and could hardly wait to see what Christmas had in store!

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013