Mrs. Winter Wondress


She's full of splendor and blindingly shimmery - she's fabulously frosty and just plain gingery - she's Mrs. Winter Wondress and she's utterly come-hithery! She saunters about in the chilliest of winter weather - with nary a woeful complaint what-so-ever - she plans ahead with a few nips off the glass, by golly she's clever!! Why, winter is her favorite time of year - when mother nature unleashes her bling and the icicles and snowflakes appear. She partakes in all the blustery fun without skipping a beat - she ice skates over frozen puddles and makes snow angles in the street - and the answer is yes, even with those glittering pumps on her feet! She's a spangling arctic funstress - which is precisely why they call her Mrs. Winter Wondress!

1. Taupe Tweed Piped Cape 2. Jimmy Choo, Lattice Shimmer Suede Pumps 3. Pearl Clip-ons 4. Furry Trapper Hat 5. Mulberry, Hero Bayswater Bag 6. Belmacz, Glow Lipbalm 7. Deborah Lippmann, Bring On The Bling Polish 8. Christofle, Collection 3000 Champagne Flutes 

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