G Shopping With Mrs. Lilien


This Mrs takes her grocery shopping quite seriously - she leaves the styling house properly dressed - you know, the way she's supposed to be. On a mission since her cupboards are nearly bare - off to the market she goes so lovely and fair. She'll prance wildly around the produce - loading up her cart quite fancy free and footloose. You'll be certain to spot her in the cookie isle, it's her favorite spot that she likes to stop and stay a while. She always buys more than what she really needs - stocking up on tasty treats and of course all of the necessities. She's careful to choose nothing but the best - as she loves to put her tasting skills to the test! She's not afraid to run up quite a tab - because upon check out she knows the good stuff is in the bag. 

1. Propaganda Cotton Blend Mac 2. Tunelcloba Pumps 3. Cat Eye Frames 4. Multicolored Midnight Bow Necklace 5. Amalia MM Jean Bag 6. Green Cluster Ring 7. Classic Ladies Gloves 8. Caran D'Ache Leman Ballpoint 9. Lapte De Monor Milk  10. Sugarillos 11. Kookie Karma

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